Marco Bottarelli and Lucio Aprea

Vision, style, an idea – these are nothing without the people who shape them. Today, GDG can be summarized through Marco and Lucio, two characters, two souls, two differing yet complementary approaches to material, a dualism that can generate an aesthetic and functional vision that is disruptive yet also tied to the great tradition of art and architecture.

Damiano Mancini

Damiano Mancini is a senior Partner of GDG. Rational approach and design vision converge in an efficient operational model that proves the production ability of the team.


GDG is the expression of its team. It is personal intuition and contamination, design freedom and respect for objectives. We choose diverse designers because we believe in the value of shared design, critical thought and discussion.

Giuseppe Della Giusta

Giuseppe Della Giusta founded GDG Studio in 2005. He is a multifaceted character who left his mark on history and directed the stylistic design approach of the Studio. In 2014, Marco and Lucio carry on his legacy while launching GDG into a new creative period.